Re-train your brain to stop over-thinking
 & learn to chill out.


a two week guided
healing experience

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Re-Train Your
Busy Brain &
Learn to relax. 

You’d love to slow down & do less, but you can't risk letting anything drop.

You have a hard time relaxing, even when you do have the chance to rest, because it always feels like there's too much that needs done

Some days the overwhelm is so big that you can't focus and you end up get nothing done at all 

You get snappy with your loved ones because you're so constantly overloaded & tense.

You lose sleep at night by replaying the past, or planning everything you need to do tomorrow.

Any of this Feel familiar?

Overthinking & Over-Functioning can be coping responses that linger after times of high stress or traumatic experiences.

We need to help your brain to get out of panic mode, learn to slow down and heal at a deeper level.

I created this two week healing experience to guide you through that. 

This is going to help you  feel more clam and in control, sleep better and be more present with the people you care about.

A few weeks from now, you see your partner starting to load the dishwasher the wrong way.  Gasp! Instead of saying something micromanaging and controlling, you let it go & let them help.

You're watching Netflix when your mother- in-law calls, asking you to do her a favour.  You tell her you're busy, return to your show and don’t think about her again for the rest of the night. 

You start to get hit with a wave of overwhelm but instead of freaking out, you simply press play on your audio guide and get control of your thoughts.

It feels like you've suddenly got more time, like you can sit and chat with your partner, read a book or just let yourself unwind a little.

Picture this instead...

If You are Tired of Over-thinking &
Over-Functioning, this is for you.

This program works in 3 ways:

Get Instant Mood Shifts: 
press play on your audio recordings anytime you need to stop over-thinking, self-attacking or spiralling in anxious thoughts.

Create New Thinking Habits: 
Use your audios throughout your daily life, when you're getting ready in the morning or cooking dinner, to get your brain out of over-activity & over-functioning and create calmer, happier thinking habits

Heal the Subconscious Level:
You'll have the chance to attend 3 group breathwork sessions where you'll get to see what it feels like to stop relying so much on that big overworked brain of yours and get connected to your own intuition, inner guidance and self-trust.

Here's How it Works:

"This is a complete approach to looking at how you navigate life. It helps to you see yourself as the beautiful, powerful person you are. You will absolutely not regret it!"

"I loved the breathwork sessions, making time for myself & and of course the audio clips, which are nice bite-sized audios
to fit in my day.

"I love that I always have the audio tracks to go back to. There is one for just about every situation. It feels like I have April in my living room with me and I get overwhelmed."

"I just tried the first one and I loved it. I want to give this to my friend."

what others are saying

Clear past pain & trauma
from a deep cellular, subconscious level using the power of transformation breathwork.

 Press play on your audios throughout your day as needed, like when you want to stop an anxiety spiral or you can't shut off your brain to sleep. 

Here's what you Get

Group Healing Sessions

solo Audio program


instant calm & support

Help your nervous system come out of hyperarousal so you can stop over-functioning and pushing yourself so hard.

Shuffle through all of the audios throughout your week, or listen to the same ones over and over depending on what you need to heal most. 


choose your own healing adventure

During your breathwork session you will have the chance to witness & deepen your current relationship with your own self & connect with your own wisdom & answers.

Get my voice in your ear, guiding you to control trauma response thinking & build new pathways for more hope, positivity and connection.


tools to Break the Cycle

"I loved it.
I makes me feel good to understand why and how my brain works." -Lisa

"It feels so personal and like you are right here coaching me." -Andi.

"I gained so much in such a short amount of time." 

"I just tried the first one and I loved it. I want to give this to my friend."

what others are saying

I know it Can Feel Impossible to Get to a Place where Things Feel Calm, Flowing & Easy.

That's Why I'm Going to
walk Beside You to get there.

  All you have to do is
Follow Along with Me.

Breathwork Schedule:

Fri. Nov. 25
Sun. Dec.4
Fri. Dec. 9

9:30-10:45 am
Toronto/ New York.

replays will be available

10 Audio Tracks for Instant Calm & Practical Guidance.

What's Included:

instant Relief

Audio Tracks are less than 15 min each, so they easily fit into your busy day.

Go deep and clear old trauma, old stories and limiting beliefs at the subconscious level.

retrain your brain workbook

3 breathwork group sessions

Get new insights into understanding and fear-based thinking habits and help your brain to install new perspectives.

perfectly timed support

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Hope to see you next time.

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