Press Play anywhere, anytime to 
Stop Overwhelm
& Slow Down your
busy Mind.

You’d love to slow down & do less, but you’re afraid of letting things drop.

You're always tired but you can't ever seem to relax.

You get overwhelmed by your to-do list and end up getting nothing done at all.

You get snappy with your loved ones because you're so constantly overloaded & tense.

You lie awake at night, replaying the past, or planning everything you need to do tomorrow.

Any of this Feel familiar?

Overthinking & Over-Functioning can be coping responses that linger after times of high stress or traumatic experiences.

When you get more control your thoughts, you can stop your brain from sending the stress signals that keep you overwhelmed & overreactive. 

I created this audio guide to show you how to do that. 

This is going to help you  feel more clam, sleep better, and relax a little more so you can be more present with the people you care about.

A few weeks from now, your partner comes into the kitchen and starts loading the dishwasher the wrong way.  Gasp! Instead of saying something snarky and controlling, you let it go & let them help.

You're watching Netflix when your mother- in-law calls, asking you to visit.  You politely decline, return to your show and don’t think about her again for the rest of the night. #freedom

You start to get hit with a wave of overwhelm but instead of freaking out, you simply press play on your audio guide and get control of your thoughts.

It feels safe to slow down, like you have time to sit and chat with your partner, read a book, or just catch your breathe. 

Picture this instead...

If You are Tired of Trying to
be everything For everybody,
This is for you.

 Press play anywhere, anytime you want to stop your brain from spiralling into
anxiety & overwhelm.

Here’s what you can expect in Your Audio Guide.

instant calm at your fingertips

Reprogram the self-attacking thoughts that keep you spinning and

Healing & Repair

Get immediate relief for key triggers & stressful moments and start to break the cycle of overwhelm.

tools to Break the Cycle

"It feels so personal and like you are right here coaching me."  -Andi.

"I loved it.
I makes me feel good to understand why and how my brain works." -Lisa

"I gained so much in such
a short amount of time." 

"I just tried the first one and I loved it. I want to give this to my friend."

what others are saying

I know it Can Feel Impossible to Get to a Place where Things Feel Calm & Easy.

That's Why I'm Going to
walk Beside You to get there.

  All you have to do is
Follow Along with Me.

10 Audio Tracks for Instant Calm & Practical Guidance.

What's Included:

instant Relief

Your Audio Tracks are less than 15 min each, so they easily fit into your busy day.

quick & easy format

Use this when you need it most, like when you need to stop an anxiety spiral, you can't seem to focus, or you need to set a boundary with that friend who's always bringing drama to your life.  

perfectly timed support

 press Play.
Calm Down.

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