I’m a social worker, psychotherapist, relationship expert & coach. My work is all about helping you become the happiest, healthiest, most relaxed, adored and free version of yourself. 

Hello, I’m April. It’s nice to meet you.

Maybe a friend of yours gave you my name, or you were searching for a way to finally take care of that issue that’s been keeping you up at night. However you found me, I’m glad you’re here.

It's hard to say where my professional training started. Way back when, I was the little girl breaking up fights on the school yard and mediating conflict between my friends. Later on I became the unofficial therapist at the local pub, pouring pints for the guys who’d perch on my barstools and pour their hearts out about their ex-wives.

Three university degrees later, I've specialized in relationships, couple’s work, trauma & grief. I ended up having to put my training to test when I had a little girl named Nora who left this world shortly after she entered it.

I've always been pretty big into helping people and trying to have a positive impact.

My Story...

Truthfully, I thought I had it all figured before then. However, the loss of my daughter taught me a lot about what it actually takes to get through the darkest parts of your life and come out the other side as someone you still like.

It’s the privilege of a lifetime to be invited into the most private corners of people’s lives and to help them become happier and more alive.

Thanks for being a part of this with me.

next thing I love

a few of my favorite things

I have way too many plants in my house.

I’ve traveled to 48 countries. I want to hit up Croatia, Morroco and Ireland next.

My 6 lb sidekick Sasha is pretty much the boss of me.

I’ve seen Patch Adams about 12 times and I’d watch it again right now.

Chocolate is my love language.

Breathwork rocks my world.

Depends on what you need.  

Some people do a single session to resolve a specific question or issue.

Others continue to work with me in making bigger shifts and changes in their lives and relationships.

How many times would I need to see you?

It might be, depending on your employee assistance plan. I encourage people to confirm with their provider directly that they cover social work services, as it can vary from plan to plan.   

Are your services covered by my work benefits?

Hey! I can’t tell you that. My work is totally confidential, which means that everything you tell me stays just between us.  

But here’s a little secret I can share- everyone’s sometimes a little strange, lost or afraid behind closed doors. It’s part of being human.

What’s the strangest thing anyone’s ever confided to you?

Thank you!

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