happier, calmer & more connected.

Stop overthinking and get the love & life you want.

I’m a psychotherapist, couple’s counselor, business coach, nature lover, podcaster, speaker, professional secret keeper & dark chocolate enthusiast.  

I’m unapologetically addicted to coffee, campfires and good conversation.  

I’ve come to believe that we're living under constant pressure, do more, need less, be everywhere at the same time and stay on top of all the things. It's like you're always being pushed to be bigger or smaller than you really are.  

Psychotherapist & Coach

Hi there! I’m April.

what do you need most?

"Could I have done something differently?"

"Do I need to ease up or set better boundaries?"

"Does it make sense that I’m upset about this?"

"Is it me? Or is it them?"

That’s why my work is an invitation to you to slow down and get clear about what you need to feel more free, connected and closer to the things that matter most to you.

If it feels like your life is more of a race to the finish line than something that you actually get to enjoy, here's your chance to make a new plan that helps you to have as much fun as it looks like you're having on your FB page.

1:1 Coaching

Tired of feeling unheard or uncared for? Hurt or betrayed? Wondering if you should stay or go? Let’s hit the reset button.

Couple’s Work

Maybe you’re here because your anxiety is getting worse or you feel like you’re slipping into a dark place. Or maybe something just feels off and you need to figure it out…


If your partner gets defensive
or shuts down, this is for you.

Get Your Partner
to Listen

5 day mini course

I believe that you deserve the kind of life that feels really good to wake up to.

Find out what’s bothering you really.

Get rid of the old beliefs, bad habits and low expectations that no longer serve you.

Learn how to Receive.

My invitations for You

I don’t even know you, but I like you already. I like your willingness to ask questions and reach for the possibility of more. Keep going. It's worth it, I promise.

Ready to feel happier & more in control of your life?