I get it. It’s not easy feeling like you have to fight your way through the day. It’s supposed to be more fun than that.

Does it sometimes feel like everyone else has life all figured out while you’re living like a hot mess? 

Small things feel overwhelming

You snap at the ones you love and then feel like a horrible person 

You’re often tense, grumpy and stressed out

Your sleep schedule is all messed up

Some days you’re just trying to keep your head above water

Tell me if this sounds familiar…

If you can relate, just know you’re not alone.

You’re allowed to be imperfect & still worthy.

Your sensitivity might be your superpower. Mine is.

You are needed here.
Keep going.

It won’t be this hard forever.

reminders for you

You’ve probably tried all the things, but we’re going to dig a little deeper to find out what actually works for you. 

Here’s what you can expect in our work together.

Invitations to Be Heard

Soften & silence the effects of past trauma, hurts & criticisms so you can start to hear your own voice now.

Tools to Quiet the Self-Attacks

I’ll gently show you where you’re self-sabotaging and blocking your own way so you can start to do things differently.

Kind Honesty & Respectful Call-Outs

Find that happier, more relaxed and trusting version of you. You've got this.

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