An intimate Coaching
Group for Women
who love to Evolve, Grow & Connect at a Deeper Level


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This is a gathering for women who want to create better relationships with
themselves and with the people around them.
Less self-judgement, anxiety & overdrive. 
More fun,
love & ease.

Here's what you'll get:

The more you let your light shine, the more you unconsciously give permission for others to do the same.
- Marianne Williamson.

The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago, the second best time is now.

your invitation

Rebalance your nervous system, heal & release at the subconscious level with
transformational breathwork.

2 breathwork sessions

We will meet bi-weekly for 5 live group sessions to go deeper into the teachings and connect with other women who also love talking about change, self-reflection & personal growth.

5 group gatherings

Go at your own pace with videos & workbooks to reset negative thinking, create new habits & go deeper in your life and in your relationships.

9 ONLINE modules

Learn to let go of self-attacks & the fear of judgment & old ways of getting approval that leave you tired,
over-worked and unhappy.

less forcing. more flow.

Build your courage muscles, release old fears & hurts and
change the way you show up in your relationships.


Figure out what you want, what you need and what's been getting
in your way.


All of you is welcome.
messy hair, fuzzy slippers,
wild thoughts, open heart.
All of you.

come as you are

No perfecting, performing, shape-shifting
or care-taking  is required.

no masks required

We're skipping the surface level
chit chat and connecting over
the stuff that matters.

real talk

what you can expect

Why I Created This Gathering…

I had been feeling a deep pull to lean further into my own personal growth work and to invest some real time & energy into my own growth, healing & next level... 

And i kept having this urge to invite other women to come do this Work too...

So I decide to get more intentional about taking my own medicine and passing it around to share with a small group of like-minded women.

5 rounds later, this coaching group experience is helping women heal, grow & connect in really powerful ways and it's been a phenomenal experience to get to be a part of.

I’m a social worker, psychotherapist, life coach, nature lover, podcaster, speaker, professional secret keeper & dark chocolate enthusiast.  

I’m unapologetically addicted to coffee, campfires and good conversation.   

I absolutely love the energy and shifts that happens when a group of women gather to really hear each other, hold space for each other and build each other up.  That's why this coaching group is one of my favourite things to do. 

Therapist & Coach

Hi there! I’m April.

"The exercises and this group of brave, honest women create a powerful space for shifts in perspective, thought, and action."

"Huge growth opportunity!"

"Magical, enlightening & nurturing."

"Incredible experience in knowing there are other women
who share the same mindset."

"I loved connecting with and learning from the other women."

" I loved feeling held, un-judged and encouraged."

"Omg all of it.
The other people , the honesty , the wisdom."

"I loved connecting with other women from a variety of backgrounds and with a range of experiences.
The collective wisdom and insight challenged
me to think more broadly."

what they're saying

Does this feel like what you're looking for?

You're sick of talking about Netflix & the weather and you'd love more real & meaningful conversation.

You're craving more, even if you're not sure what that is yet.

You're willing to hold space for the fullness of other women, their desires, fears, imperfections, frustrations, passions & aliveness.

You’d love to feel more seen, known, supported & free to be yourself in your life & relationships.

You need a little nudge to be more confident, raise your standards & express more of who you really are.

You’re in the right place if..

"The experience is truly amazing."

"Such a nurturing and
uplifting space."

"You have to be prepared to be open and go deep but it is so worth it." 

"I feel like I have genuinely touched
a new depth never before touched and
that feels very special."

"I've felt really disconnected from people through the pandemic, and didn't realise how much so until this program."

More love from participants

next reason

6 Reasons 
to Sign up

You want to have more time & energy to do the things that
matter to you

You want more fairness, consideration & understanding
in all of your relationships.

You’re tired of procrastination, anxiety, self-doubt &
second-guessing yourself.

You want to feel lighter, calmer, happier & in flow.

You want to be a part of a group women where you don't have to worry about whether you're being too much or not measuring up.  There's no prizes or pedestals in here.
Just honesty, openness &
our own evolution.

You want to feel more heard, appreciated & understood with the important people in your life.

Quiet the self-attacks & feel more calm & confident
in your own skin.  

week 6
healing your relationship with your body

week 9
& alignment

Get good at setting boundaries so you protect your relationships & your
 peace of mind.

Break the cycles of overwhelm &
over-giving & learn to feel safe enough
to slow down. 

Give yourself permission to live a life that feels really good to wake up to.

 (topics may change to support the needs of the group.)

week 8
self-sabotage & over-functioning

week 7
& self-trust

Learn to let go of other people's opinions and overcome the fear of  what other people think about you.

week 4
release the fear
of judgment

Change the way you show up in every conversation, decision & relationship.

Change the way you treat yourself, and the way you let others treat you.

week 3
act from love, not fear

week 5

 Retrain your brain to let go of old hurts & fear-based thinking patterns so you can show up as you want to be here & now.

week 2
heal your

Get clear on where you want to be, what's missing and what needs  to shift to get you there.

week 1
your north star

Here's the Program Outline:

pay in full $1150. 
3 payments of $383.33

Dates & Details


how it works

Every Monday you will receive your
new videos & exercises to explore & heal at your own pace starting Jan. 22.

Every other Sunday we will gather live to go deeper, connect, practice &
support each other.

Jan. 28, Feb. 11, Feb. 25,
Mar. 10, Mar. 24
12 pm- 2 pm EST.

Breathwork dates tbd.

Does this feel like a "Yes" to you? 
If so, Sign Asap. Spaces are limited.

"I loved the sessions and the videos!!
Such great exercises."

"It is hard to put into words the connections you feel with the women in your gatherings."

"Such a nurturing and
uplifting space."

"It helped me realise we all have our own internal struggles and it made me understand some of mine and what to do about them."

"You have to be prepared to be open and go deep but it is so worth it." 

"It was just helpful to speak vulnerably with other people about their struggles." 

what they're saying

Group Coaching Sessions:
Jan. 28, Feb. 11, Feb. 25, Mar. 10, Mar. 24
12 pm-2:00 pm EST.

Breathwork dates tbd

When are the gatherings?
& live breathwork sessions?

Plan to invest approx.
1 to 4  hours a week.
(1 hour for the module + 2 hours on the weeks we have group gatherings.)

How much time will this take each week?

There will be audio replays for the breathwork but there will
NOT be replays for the group gatherings. 

Your privacy & freedom to share openly in the group is
really important to me.  Also our conversations become more open &powerful when we are not being recorded. So please plan to attend live.

Will there be replays available?

Probably not. This is a coaching group, not a therapy group so it likely is not covered by your workplace benefit program.

Is the cost of this group covered by my benefits?

Probably not. This is a coaching group, not a therapy group so it likely is not covered by your workplace benefit program.

Is the cost of this group covered by my benefits?

You are free to share as much or as little as you want to with this group. 
You can quietly hang out and take it all in in your own way,
or share your thoughts & join in the discussion.

Perhaps this is a chance to explore and heal whatever it is about being seen and known that feels uncomfortable for you and to experience safety & belonging in a new way?  Just something to consider.

Groups make me nervous...

Absolutely.  Trans women & non-binary folks are welcome in this group.  

Are trans women welcome?

No I do not offer refunds. 
I keep this group intentionally small so that we have an intimate yet diverse circle of connection & support.  Vacant spots at the table negatively impact the experience of the group for the remaining members.  Once you sign up for the program I ask that you keep your commitment to yourself and the other members.  For this reason, refunds are not provided.

What if I change my mind or get too busy?
Do you offer Refunds?

I recognize that systemic barriers, discrimination and racial trauma experiences are real and not everyone is working with the same level of privilege, safety and access to resources.  As a white, cis, hetero, neurotypical woman I may not always get it right but I'm committed to doing my best to ensure that this space is safe, warm and beneficial for all women of all backgrounds and experiences. This work is infused with a feminist/ anti-oppressive lens though our focus is on addressing that which is under our personal control, such as healing our thought patterns, coping with emotions and navigating personal relationships.

Is this group a safe space for women of colour & marginalized women?

Yes, you can pay either in one payment of $1150 or 3 payments of $383.33 CAD.

Do you offer payment plans?

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