This is your invitation to get closer, get heard and get back on the same page.

Does it ever feel like your partner is out of reach?

Does it ever feel like you’re talking to a brick wall? Or like it just doesn’t matter what you say, because they’re not going to listen to you anyway? I’ll help you bring down the defenses.

Here’s what you can expect in our work together.

Get Heard

Gently tend to the pain of the past and find new ways to trust your future.

Heal & Repair

Learn new ways to get through gridlocked conversations and stop fighting about the same things
over and over again.

Get Tools to Break the Cycle

Whether people are talking about anxiety, loss, depression, or their career ambitions, one thing comes up again and again: Love. Everyone wants to feel more love.

Relationships are supposed to be your soft place to land.

It’s not weak or needy to want to feel cherished, understood and respected. In fact, neuroscience has proven that our brains are literally hardwired to seek out closeness & connection.
Keep going.

You’re allowed to need what you need and ask for what you want.

Somewhere along the way, we seem to get the message that the right relationship is supposed to be able to just run on autopilot and good intentions. This isn’t true. Even the best love matches require scheduled maintenance.

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Book Your Reset Session

This is a chance to step away from your overflowing schedules & the busyness of your daily life to re-focus, re-connect and hit the reset button.

It’s kinda like date night, but so much better. 

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